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ArtWARE Warehouse Management

Artware Warehouse Management prevents the common losses of products and time. Warehousing can be done without error and the transportation is enabled efficiently by complete tracking and in the direction of the preferred way (FIFO, LIFO, etc.). If needed, with radio frequency or batch hand held computers, if wanted, by using permanent barcode scanners, system will make the warehousing easier.
Artware Warehouse Management transfers the results of the warehousing procedure into the accounts (Logo, link, Netsis etc.) that you currently use or to ERP (Sap, Baan, Qad etc.) software.

What is your benefit?

By computerizing all the aspects, Artware Warehouse Management, prevents the errors, time and product losses originating from manual method. So;

• Documents will be prepared 100% faster and correct,
• Warehouse counting period will be 50% faster,
• Warehouse settlement and usage will be more efficient,
• Warehouse losses will decrease by 1%,
• Dependency to personnel will be minimized,
• Movements in the products will be followed instantly and correctly.

How does it work?

Entrance/acceptance of goods, settlement of the shelves, the transfers in the warehouse, stock- counts, transportation procedures and the other movements can be followed automatically with the barcode scanners. The information that is added in the hand held computers will be instantly transferred into the warehouse main computer with the RF system or by the help of cradle. So;

• Correct flow of information about the products that are entered, transferred or exit from the warehouse,
• Complete pursuit of product movements,
• Fast procedures for entrance and transfer of the goods
• Product transfers accordingly to the warehouse settlement plans,
• Quick access to the products by the Warehouse settlement plan,
• Order controlled transportation,
• Errorless, fast stock counting,
• The transfer of the all information to your other software instantly or by request will be operated.


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