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MERLIN Computer Services Ind. & Trade Inc.

Merlin is a kind of falcon which is especially famous with its ability to see the faraway efficiently. Also a name of a very famous magician who lived in the 1800’s. One of the founders of Merlin, Melek Bar Elmas says; “ we have choosen the name of Merlin owing to its emphasis in defining our institutional expertise. Our company both able to see the future and make the things that are said impossible fastly.”

The company started to work at 1990 as an individual company for making technological consultations for the associations and later at 1994 changed its status to incorporation to be able to develop software products for the institutional applications.

MERLIN offers warehousing, distribution and marketing software solutions for enabling the companies to increase their profitabilities. These solutions are under continous improvement parallel to the development in technologies and the market, with the help of its highly expert team and the high calibre consultants.

Besides the fact that MERLIN offers the right solutions on the right time and on the right place, it also tries to reach the maximum customer satisfaction through increasing its services & technologies steadily.

The way that MERLIN follows is lightened and certified with different national & international prizes.

Our MISSION; is to enable increasing the market shares of the companies by ensuring the right and efficient customer services. 

Our VISION; is that the institutional computer users have and use at least one Merlin product willingly and gladly.


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