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GT407 Field Management

By preventing the common losses of product and time, GT407 Field management enables the sales personnel going to the field with the recognized information in the route plan to make more sales in the less time. Because of its ease in adaptation to every kind of commercial software, it can be used easily and quickly. It makes you to follow your goods, money and customers.

Your benefits:

GT407 prevents the errors, time and product losses originating from manual method.

• Selling efficiency of the sales personnel will be increase by 75%,
• Documents will be prepared 100% faster and correct,
• Cash collection circulation will be 50% faster,
• Selling-distribution procedures can be watched hour by hour and correctly,
• Trust of the customers to your firm will be increased,
• It helps your company to reach a strong and dynamic structure,
• Dependency to personnel will be minimized

How does it work?

From GT407 to hand held computer, the daily routing plan of the sales personnel and customer, product, order and vehicle stock data is loaded. The sales personnel in the field dose his visits, by the direction of the route plan, which is identified in the hand terminal. By the information in the hand terminal and MSS (MERLƯN Sales Set), invoice, waybill, receipt, order bill will be issued. If the selling can not be done, the reasons will also be noted. So that, even if the sale is performed or not, the customer visiting schedule can be followed by the manager daily. During the warm call, the sales Personnel that can take orders, transfers the field information into the GT407 through cradle or wireless network (WLAN) at the end of the day. The GT407 bundles these information and sent these to the system for updates.

So that;

• Right and fast order-delivery works,
• Activating more sales with more visits
• Online transfer of all sales data to the system
• Right planning with right data

What are the specifications?

GT407 software is suitable and works properly with the Logo, Gold, LKS, Vega, Eta, Mikro, Sentez, Link accounting softwares.

GT407 is capable as the mentioned accounting programs but you can do more (discounts, rates etc).

GT407 is written with Visual Basic on MS-Access data base.


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